Morphet ends stormy stint as underwear queen

CEO to leave as loss blows out Adele Ferguson: First  good move in years PacBrands needs a little loving: Pollaers Rag trader stretched at the seams Sue Morphet was one of Australia’s more controversial chief executives.

Pacific Brands CEO steps down Commbank wholesale bikinis to face biggest shareholder … Shareholders launch class action against … Catalonia worries eurozone markets Japan introduces ‘premium Friday’ ASX winners and losers – a snapshot World markets leave Australia behind Inside Sofitel Sydney Darling Harbour The out-going chief of Pacific Brands will be remembered, perhaps unfairly, as the boss who pocketed a hefty pay rise, sacked 1800 textile workers and moved manufacturing of much-loved Australian brands to China.

In announcing her resignation today, Ms Morphet compared her five years as chief executive of Pacific Brands to playing against Collingwood “week after week”.

Those unfamiliar with Aussie Rules should infer  that her job was bruising, bordering on awful – made worse by a notoriously one-eyed (even one-toothed) supporter base.

Jests aside, the reality was probably much worse.

How many chief executives have hired 24-hour security to patrol their own house? Ms Morphet did in March 2009 when unionists, politicians and many Australians piled on her for more than doubling her salary, from $685,775 to more than $1.8 million, even as she sacked several thousand workers and reported company losses totalling hundreds of millions of dollars.

When Ms Morphet was promoted from general manager of the underwear division to CEO of Pacific Brands in August 2007, her brief was to “transform” the company.

Hospital pass

Ms Morphet inherited a business that was loaded with debt, wedded to ageing, middle-of-road brands, and under siege from the internet.

Its customers, large and small, were abandoning them. Supermarkets and retailers were making their own “home brand” products sourced directly from Chinese factories, leaving less room on shelves for Pacific Brands’ offerings which include Bonds, Berlei, KingGee and Rio.

In February this year, the company announced the loss of major customer Kmart, which stripped $33 million from Pacific Brands’ sales by dumping brands including Bonds in favour of directly sourced underwear products.

There was barely a let up in her tenure of almost five years.

Ms Morphet battled a global financial crisis, soaring cotton prices and consumers shopping online. It didn’t help when last year one of her staff, former Berlei bra boss Sally Berkeley, filed a $9 million unlawful dismissal lawsuit.

Ms Morphet’s big strategic play – employing cheaper Chinese workers instead of expensive Australian ones – might have worked a decade ago, but the company admitted today that Chinese wages are rising by between 15 and 20 per cent a year, and more in some regions.

11 Kinds Of Underwear Every Woman Should Own To Avoid FOMO

There are so many different lingerie manufacturer  types of underwear out there that it can be tricky to know which kind is best for you. You likely have your old favorites: Those glorious pieces that you’ve loved to death for years and that are now falling apart. You wear them time and time again and refuse to let go. But, IMO, there are a certain number of underwear items that every woman should own, otherwise she could be seriously missing out.There are an array of qualities that people might judge underwear by. These include: Comfort, fit, fabric, texture, color, or whether it makes the wearer feel confident or attractive. Of course, this is all down to personal preference and the qualities that every individual holds most important. Some people swear that a thong is their lingerie holy grail, while others curse the style, deeming it 100 percent not right for them. Both of these situations are totally valid.

I’m by no underwear manufacturer  means saying that once you’ve read this article, you should rush out and buy every single type of panty on Earth. Rather, that the majority of these pieces have particular uses and functions that I think any woman could find helpful, no matter her size, shape, or aesthetic. So take a look and discover whether any of these styles might make your life easier or generally more comfy.

1. Granny PantiesEmbroidered Lace Front Brief, $15, Hips And Curves

If you don’t own a pair of granny panties, you’re truly missing out. Sure, they may not look sexy in an SM kind of way, but boy are they comfortable. If you’ve had a hard day at the office, just come home, slip into your granny panties and your favorite pajamas, and all will be right with the world again.

2. Seamless PantiesLa Perla Seamless Panties, $48, Saks Fifth Avenue

Do you have a fancy soiree coming up, to which you plan on wearing a figure-hugging outfit? Don’t stress: Seamless panties to the rescue. There’ll be no more visible panty lines in a pair of seamless knickers.

3. Period PantiesCheeky, $29, She Thinx

I recently discovered period panties by Thinx and I sincerely want a pair of every kind. You can choose from a range of styles depending on how heavy your flow is, what kind of outfits you’ll be wearing, or whichever style is your favorite.

These kick-ass panties are leak-resistant, absorbent, and anti-microbial — basically the undies you’ve been wishing for since you first began menstruating. By purchasing a pair of Thinx panties, you’re also helping girls in Uganda to have access to affordable and sustainable pads, created by Thinx’s partner organization AFRIpads.

4. Frilly KnickersDaisy Corsets Ruffle Shorts, $18, Amazon

Sometimes in life you just want to wear something deliciously feminine. Enter frilly knickers! These kinds of panties are great because even if you can’t dress in a super feminine way for work or for practical reasons, you can still wear them under your clothes for a secret confidence booster. They’ll have you feeling like a glamorous can-can dancer, even if you’re just wearing your favorite sweatpants on the outside.

5. Sporty PantiesUA Pure Stretch, $12, Amazon

If you’re a sporty gal or you’re thinking of adding more exercise into your regular routine, a pair of sporty panties could make your workout more pleasant. Under Armour has a range of panties to choose from, but this particular style looks really comfortable and has quite the modern design.

Not only do they look cool, but compared to an ordinary pair of knickers, they also have hidden benefits like anti-microbial technology to help keep you fresh and “four-way stretch fabrication” for improving the wearer’s “range of motion,” according to the website. There’s nothing worse than trying to work out and being hindered by your panties painfully cutting into you. Instead, just invest in a pair that was created with fitness in mind.

6. Silky KnickersSatin And Lace Bikini, $13, Hips And Curves

There are days when you want to be comfortable and there are days when you want to feel decadent. Silky knickers are there for you when you want it all at once. You can definitely have your cake and eat it too with a pair of comfy yet luxurious silk or satin panties.

7. Designer PantiesCaught In Charlotte’s Web Big Brief, $625, Agent Provocateur

IMO, every woman should have at least one pair of designer undies. These are the show-stopping panties reserved for special occasions or when you just want to feel absolutely incredible. Such occasions might include a job interview, your first date with someone, or a special anniversary. Considering the price and the quality, they’ll make you feel like a million dollars.

8. G-StringHanky Panky Bare G-String, $20, Amazon

There will be occasions in life when, just like Nicki Minaj, you might have to wear a G-string. Such times could be when you’re wearing a super high-leg costume and you don’t want to go commando, for a dress fitting, or maybe even for a photoshoot. You won’t realize you need one until it’s too late, so invest in a G-string for those moments when you want to show a little more skin.

9. The Bridal PantiesWildfox Bridezilla Briefs, $74, ASOS

If you plan on getting hitched at some point in your life, don’t forget a pair of bridal panties. You could go for a beautiful bridal lingerie set or a novelty pair of undies to make your partner giggle come the night of the wedding. You’ll likely only wear them once, so pick a pair that suits you and your partner’s personalities.

10. Sparkly PantiesAurelia Gold Sequins Sparkle Ruffled Mini Knicker, $88, Etsy

Glitter and sparkle are always a good idea, especially if you had the best weekend ever and you have to drag yourself to work on a gray Monday morning. Glittery panties will help you through whatever life throws at you.

11. Edible UnderwearCandy G-string, $8, Amazon

Granted, edible demi cup lingerie underwear is probably not the most comfortable thing to wear all day, and might be best reserved for the bedroom. However, it’s a great way to spice things up and have fun with your partner. They’ll go down a treat if your lover has a sweet tooth, too.

Gabrielle Union and Her Think Like a Man Too Costars Pose in Swimsuits, Share Their Summer Body Secrets

It’s that time of year again , demi cup lingerie swimsuits and shorts are , the weather is giving you no excuses to avoid the gym and magazines are publishing their “Bodies” issues to inspire you to pick up your workout routine again. nabbed the cast of this summer’s for their July cover, and while we certainly aren’t going to complain about the male cast’s physique , it’s the ladies who have the most memorable bikini, minidress and swimwear moments , both in the movie’s trailer and in their photoshoot.

The ladies opened up to about their workout routines , and surprising nobody, they all work hard and stay consistent. Says bride-to-be Union of making her health routine a top priority, “In the past, I’d work out for movies, but it wasn’t a lifestyle. During my divorce, I started working out and really committing to health and wellness , mind, body and soul. It became a saving grace and it has stayed with me since.”

Henson likes to mix demi cup lingerie it up to keep it interesting, saying “I try to train three to four days a week, at least. I do a cardio bar class mixed with SoulCycle, then I’ll mix it up and work with a trainer. Sometimes I’ll take a pole-dancing class just to switch it up and keep my body guessing.” Hall takes a holistic approach while Anthony admits to a more intense gym routine pre-summer: “I like the way my stomach is coming along. I’m seeing little things peeking out, little rips. I don’t have a six-pack yet, but I feel positive with the way I’m going.”

7 Essential Underwear Hacks That Every Woman Should Know

Although some form of undergarment is pretty much an essential in most individuals’ daily lives, it can be surprisingly difficult to figure out the underwear tips and hacks that can make these intimate essentials work for . No matter what your body shape or size, chances are you’ve had some trouble at one time or another finding the perfect undergarments for your unique needs and preferences. As someone with a large bust, I’ve spent many a frustrated hour in lingerie store dressing rooms trying to find the right cup size and level of support. Maybe you’re endlessly searching for a pair of non-thong panties that won’t leave lines under clothes, or a strapless bra that won’t slip, even after hours of dancing. Luckily, there is help for everyday underwear conundrums like these.I contacted lingerie guru Summer Orona at lingerie destination Curvy Couture via email to get an expert’s opinion on common underwear mistakes to avoid, and advice on solving prevalent lingerie issues. She shared with me her best tips and advice for finding the right kind of underwear for your body and needs, while backing up some of my own go-to solutions. Read on to discover seven helpful hacks that every woman and bra-wearer should know to make lingerie work for them, courtesy of a professional undergarment wrangler.1. Support Your Bust With A Fitted Band

When it comes to getting support from your bra, look to the band to do most of the heavy lifting. Orona says, “The weight of your bust should be supported mainly by the band. Test it! When trying on a bra, try slipping the straps off your shoulders (the cups should stay in place).”

This spares your shoulders from the ache of supporting your bust via bra straps. So, if you’ve been wearing a loose or saggy band, try sizing down to give yourself the lift you need, and give your back a break. Need a quick way to tell if your band is too loose? If it rides up in the back, you probably need a smaller size.

2. Strapless Styles Should Fit More Snugly

Oh, strapless bras — so useful for bare-shouldered dressing, so difficult to get right. Who hasn’t suffered the frustration of a strapless bra that just won’t stay put?

According to Orona, the trick is to make sure that your strapless fits quite snugly, and doesn’t hurt to wear under an equally fitted top in order to help keep it up where it belongs. This strapless wonder from Curvy Couture has hidden silicone for extra grip, and interior boning for lasting structure and shape. In my own personal experience, finding a strapless bra with a longline shape is also helpful, especially for larger bust sizes.

3. Give Your Shoulders A Break With Different Strap Styles

If you have a large bust, you might wear supportive bra styles and be fastidious about selecting the correct band size, but still feel fatigue in your shoulders at the end of the day. I know I’ve been there.

One solution to this issue is to switch up the part of your shoulders and back that are providing lift to your chest with different strap configurations. Racerback, criss-cross, or even longline/strapless styles can give overworked muscles a break by shifting the weight of your breasts to other, less-overworked areas.

4. Play Up Your Cleavage With Criss-Cross Straps

Need a little extra va-va-voom for a sexy date night or a pinup-inspired look? Criss-cross straps will subtly shift the support structure of your bra to enhance cleavage. You can also try more traditional push-up bra styles like the Foxy Lace Balconette — one of Curvy Couture’s most popular styles.

While you should never feel pressured to achieve a certain idealized “feminine” body shape, if you love a retro-inspired hourglass silhouette, or just enjoy mixing up your looks and playing with different styles, these options can help you experiment.

5. Buy Bras That Fit On The Loosest Adjustment

When you’re shopping for a new bra, little details can make all the difference. Since the elastic in a bra’s band will naturally relax and loosen over time, make sure that when you’re trying on different styles, they fit you correctly at the loosest band adjustment. With wear and washing, you’ll probably need to eventually use the tighter adjustments, so give yourself the extra room to do so.

6. Avoid Slipping Straps With Full-Coverage Styles

If, like me, you have narrow or sloped shoulders, you most likely know the frustration of trying to keep bra straps in place over a long day. Orona says that the best way to manage this problem is by sticking to full-figure styles with close-set straps. The wide-set shape of balconette bras will just exacerbate slippage.

This is also a great reason to use multi-way bras with criss-cross strap options, or racerbacks, where straps are naturally pulled to the center of your back.  Avoid the distraction and uneven support of straps that never want to stay in place, and focus on styles with straps designed to hug your shoulders all day long.

7. Buy Bonded-Edge Briefs To Stay Panty-Line Free

While I’m occasionally irritated by the public furor over avoiding panty lines (oh no, people will know you’re wearing underwear! Like a human being! The horror!), I do understand the desire for a sleek, no-show look under formal outfits or business-wear, when you might want to keep your undergarment situation to yourself.

If that’s the case, try panties with bonded edges at the leg openings for grip that won’t slip. These sexy lace skivvies are an excellent option, and they’re also double-lined for lasting comfort and support.

THINX Underwear Ads On NYC Subway Are Up — But The Company Has Another Big Announcement

A few weeks ago, demi cup lingerie THINX’s director of marketing, Veronica del Rosario, called her boss, crying. “I was feeling so defeated,” Del Rosario remembers. She’d been going back and forth with an ad agency on the creative for THINX — aka the “period” underwear’s — ad for weeks, and she was finally convinced that THINX wouldn’t be able to run their ads on New York City’s subways.

Del Rosario said that an agent at Outfront Media, the company which approves most of the copy and images for review before the MTA board, already had several issues with the ads, starting with the company’s slogan.

“When we said the text would read ‘Underwear for Women With Periods,’ the agent said, ‘We won’t be able to run the copy as is,’ we could only assume that meant they didn’t want us to use the word ” Del Rosario tells Bustle. She also said that a male agent asked her what would happen if a kid saw the ad. Del Rosario said he also took issue with the word fluid, as well as the pictures of the grapefruit (meant to symbolize the vagina) and eggs (meant to symbolize a woman’s ovum), she says. “He said they were too suggestive … as were the women in their underwear,” Del Rosario tells Bustle. His suggestion was to use white silhouettes with black underwear, she says. This, despite the fact that several of the ads depict women in turtleneck sweaters.

The agent remarked, “‘Don’t make this a women’s rights thing’ — and then he hung up on me,” Del Rosario tells Bustle. That’s when she called her boss, cofounder and CEO Miki Agrawal, crying — and they went to the press. While the MTA and Outfront Media has commented that the concern over the word was brought up by an Outfront representative before THINX had officially submitted the copy for the ad — and before the MTA or Outfront Media had formally had a chance to review or reject it — Del Rosario says she felt the entire process was “an uphill battle,” and one that operated under the assumption that talking about women’s periods was potentially inappropriate. According to the the MTA’s guidelines, subway ads can’t depict “sexual or excretory activities” or materials that promote a “sexually oriented business.” THINX, which markets underwear for women on their periods, was doing neither.

After going back and forth on the copy and images, Del Rosario says she began questioning the agent on the obvious double-standard behind his edits — especially when there are so many far more suggestive and objectifying ads on the subway, featuring both naked women grapefruits, like this infamous one.

In response, she says the agent remarked, “‘Don’t make this a women’s rights thing’ — and then he hung up on me,'” Del Rosario tells Bustle. That’s when she called her boss, cofounder and CEO Miki Agrawal, crying — and they went to the press. “She said, ‘That’s it — no one makes my Veronica cry,'” Del Rosario remembers. Twitter subsequently erupted in a feminist fury, and the story went viral.

In response, Outfront Media issued this statement in October to Mic (Outfront has not yet responded to Bustle’s request for comment).

Together with our transit partners, OUTFRONT Media makes every effort to assist advertisers in creating campaigns that are both effective and appropriate to the transit environment. This is the approach that was followed with respect to the advertisements proposed by Thinx. No copy was ever rejected and the current copy is still in the MTA review process. We suggested changes that we felt were appropriate for the riding public and were hoping to work with the advertiser to refine the copy.THINX responded by posting what it claims is the actual redacted email exchange to its Facebook page.

Following the social media outcry that exploded before the ads had even been reviewed, an MTA spokesman told the on October 22 that “of course [the ads] will be approved. They were, and ads went live on L trains and at the Bedford L stop in Williamsburg, Brooklyn this very Monday.

At this point, THINX cofounder and CEO Miki Agrawal (that woman jumping above) is obviously thrilled. THINX is getting the last laugh: tons of press, “a slight spike in sales,” and, of course, an entire dialogue about period-shaming sparked by her company.

“The president of the MTA told the when this story broke that, ‘On a personal level, I just found these ads offensive,'” Agrawal says. “My response was, ‘Is it offensive that that blood created you?'” According to the MTA president, his daughter and wife found it offensive too…and that’s exactly the kind of internalized female stigma around periods we’re addressing.” Period stigma-busting revenge is sweet.

Agrawal and her company are now building on the momentum of the MTA controversy with the announcement of two new products: a new ‘Sport’ THINX underwear model for the athletic woman on her period, and an offshoot of THINX coming this Thursday called “Icon,” a new underwear line aimed at young mothers and other young women with incontinence (or as they like to say, “women who tinkle”).

It’s a natural taboo for THINX to tackle next — after all, as they point out, urinary incontinence is actually incredibly common among young mothers, and without a special underwear designed to help protect women dealing with it, they might be forced to “wear a pad every day, or even Depends,” Agarwal says. They wanted to make something that would make them feel sexy and like themselves, instead. Icon, whose site launches later this week (though you can sign up for the mailing list here), aims to help normalize incontinence, right alongside the company’s original mission to destigmatize periods.

Even better? For every pair of Icon underwear you buy, THINX donates to the Fistula Foundation, which helps the estimated one million women suffering from the painful postpartum condition.

Fistula, which occurs during prolonged labor, happens when a hole is torn between the vagina and rectum or bladder, leaving the woman constantly leaking urine, feces, or both. The smell often leaves them social outcasts, potentially “left to rot,” as Agrawal puts it, “when a simple surgery can fix the problem.”

If you’d like to help these women but don’t need Icon underwear, you can still donate to the Fistula Foundation — and also be rest assured that, for every pair of THINX you buy, the company pays for a pack of reusable pads made by women in Uganda through the company AFRIpads. (So either way, you can feel justly self-righteous about shopping for some cute underwear.)

THINX has also just demi cup lingerie released a new, celebrity-filled short film aimed at fighting period stigma. So all in all, it’s safe to say there’s only happy crying in the THINX office today — and no, that doesn’t mean anyone’s on their period. Though if they are, they’d definitely be covered.